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Q: How much oil should I put into my 4-stroke lawn mower?
A: All engines used on NGP lawn mowers require 600ml of 4-stroke oil before starting, and at all times. Check the Owner's Manual for your specific engine. Starting the engine without oil will cause serious engine damage.

Q: Is touch-up paint available for the chassis?
A: The chassis on all NGP lawn mowers is painted using a method known as 'powder coating'. Unfortunately touch up paint is not available.

Q: What is the Horsepower (HP) rating of the engines?
A: Horsepower is not a good indication of an engine's ability to cut grass. Low speed "torque" is the best measure of an engine's ability to perform well cutting grass and to resist stalling. The model designation will give some indication of the relative performance of each engine.

Q: Where do I go to get my NGP lawn mower serviced?
A: For any servicing and warranty needs, go to the dealer locator section to find your nearlest specialist dealer - they'll be pleased to help.

Q: What are the cutting heights of my lawn mower?
A: The cutting height range on "M" series steel chassis lawn mowers is approximately through 3 or 6 settings.On "S" series mowers, through 7 height settings. For more information see NGP Owner's Manual for your specific lawn mower.

Q: How much can I fit into a grass catcher?
A. The volume of most NGP lawn mowers is approximately 50 litres. On the larger, is approximately 60 litres.

Q: How heavy are most lawn mowers?
A: Most NGP lawn mowers weigh around 30 kg, with some variations between the models.

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